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Kiev Information

Population: 2.8 Million people
Currency: UAH / Ukraine Hryvnia
Language: Ukrainian / Russian
River: Dnipro
Time Zone : + 1 hour Mainland Europe
+ 2 hours London
+ 6 hours New York
Distance from Europe / USA
Kiev is 2021 Kilometers from London
2130 Kilometers from Paris
7500 Kilometers from New York

Kiev History

Kiev or as locals say Kyiv, is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe and according to legend the city was found in the 5th century by 3 brothers and a sister, the oldest brother's name Kyiv.

Main Street in Kiev is called "Kreschatik" - Kra - Shat - Tick. Here you will find plenty of souvenirs on sale. Top fashion brands such as Gucci and Calvin Klein are located in Central Kiev. At the weekend the main street downtown is closed to traffic and you can take a walk and pass the many buskers singing and dancing.

At the top of Kreschatik Street you will see "Independence Square" known to the locals as MAIDAN. In 2004 it was the focal point for the Orange Revolution. Central Square in Kiev is decorated with 6 beautiful water fountains. One of the most notable statues is the huge column atop which stands the Arch Angel Mikhail the patron saint of Kiev. The round shape Fountain of Friendship has 5000 different sprays, a spectacular sight to see. Flower baskets hang throughout the square.

Did you know the deepest metro station in the World is in Kiev , its called ARSENALNAYA , 105 meters down , built in 1960.

Voted one of the most beautiful metro stations in the World is in Kiev , its called ZOLTI VOROTA , 22,000 passengers a day pas through the station.

Did you know that one of the worlds busiest & voted most popular Mac Donalds is in Kiev , located in Maidan, Independence Square , it serves nearly 3 million meals a Year , outside you will see people waiting to meet friends OR a first date.

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