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Welcome 2016 Kiev City Tours 

Below are a list of tours we offer with the LOWEST PRICES IN KIEV WITH PRIVATE CAR AND GUIDE.

You can schedule your own Tour and tell us in advance.

Tour 1:   Kiev CITY Tour

Duration: 2 Hours

Visit Saint Vladimir's Cathedral The beauty of the interior will take your breath away the mosaics were designed by masters from Venice, Italy. See Independence Square in central Kiev the square is decorated with 6 beautiful water fountains. One of the most notable statues is the huge column on top stands the Arch Angel Mikhail the patron saint of Kiev; your tour will include a visit to Saint Sophia Cathedral a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE see the magnificent mosaic architecture. Climb the steps to the Bell Tower for a panoramic view over Kiev and see the many Golden Domes on the horizon. The cathedral is one of Ukraine's national treasures, visit the ancient entrance to the city Golden Gate, the tour will take you to Saint Andrews Cathedral built in the year 752 the church stands on a hill overlooking the Dnipro River it is listed as a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE, also visit Saint Michaels Cathedral and see the many parks in Kiev with the peoples Friendship Arch with a viewing deck over the Dnipro River.

Tour 2: - Kiev Pechersk Lavra Monastery
Duration: 2 Hours

UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE also known as Kiev Monastery Caves since its construction in 1051 a monastery and cave were excavated for the monk's desired life of seclusion and prayer. It has been the centre of Eastern Orthodox Christianity in Eastern Europe. The site is 70 acres in size with 11 Churches and religious structures. Here you will see the golden domed temples and old frescos preserved on the cave walls. Underground vaults shelter 123 Saints resting in coffins for many centuries; today the relics are worshipped by thousands of Christians from around the world. During the last century many historical structures have been restored to their former glory. The great Golden Bell Tower can be seen from miles away.

Tour 3: - Babi Yar Memorial
Duration:  2 Hours

In memory of the Jews executed during the Second World War.
September 1941 saw the Nazi army move into Kiev
For days bombs exploded in building in the centre of Kiev that had been occupied by the German army, Nazi soldiers and civilians were killed and injured By the time the bombings stopped at the end of September The German Army already had a plan for retaliation. The German soldiers posted a notice all over Kiev which Read: All Jews living in the City Of Kiev are to report by 8AM on the morning of Monday September 29th at the corner of Melnikovsky & Dokhturov Streets. They are to take with them documents money & valuables as well as warm cloths. Any Jews not carrying out this instruction and is found elsewhere will be shot. Any civilian entering flats evacuated by the Jews and stealing property will be shot.3300 Jews lost their lives during the genocide that accrued at Babi Yar, The monuments reflect the tragic sadness.

Tour 4: -Pirogovo Folk Architecture Culture           Museum & Park
Duration: 4 Hours

Discover the culture of the Ukrainian people in this beautiful park you will Find ancient rural huts collected throughout Ukraine can be seen at Pirogovo folk Park. Travel back in time & see how the Ukrainian people lived at the beginning of the 20th Century go inside the old cottage's where you will see Kitchen utensils and cloths dating to this period in time. The park has many Beautiful Wind Mills & Wooden Churches.

Tour 5: - Museum Of Chernobyl
Duration:  2 Hours

Through out the museum there are over 7000 exhibits that expose the true nature of the catastrophe at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant on the 26th April 1986
Putting tons of radioactive material into the sky and neighbouring countries.
Watch documentary films explaining the disaster, many exhibits are on display for the first time photos, maps, and documents, see the how the explosion was eventually brought under control & the protective clothing used by the heroic fireman see the emergency vehicles used. At the end of the tour, you are invited to sit down and watch a movie about what Chernobyl and the surrounding city and villages look like now. The video shows images of ghost town

Tour 6: - National Art Museum
Duration: 2 Hours

The building was constructed in 1898 today it has medieval icons with important portraits of military and church leaders. During Ukrainian independence the museum achieved international recognition, for the first time its exhibitions travelled outside the country to North America, France and Denmark. Today the museum has over 20,000 pieces on display.

Tour 7: - City & Park Walking Tours
Duration: 2 Hours

Enjoy a walk through the many beautiful parks full with tree's and nature en route to the historical sites such as, Opera House, Vladimir's Cathedral, Saint Sophia Cathedral and of course a walk through central Independence Square, you will have an opportunity to speak with the guide and ask questions along the way. The tour covers most of the historical sites in Kiev. For those with a loved one see the bridge of love and make that special wish come true.,

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