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One of Europe's most beautiful Cities 

Golden Domed city amidst Chestnut Trees

Kiev is the ancient centre of Slavic culture, the mother of all old Russian cities. Kiev is a scenic city with a population of over 3 million people its located on the shores of the Dinpro River. Kiev is a city of invaluable historical and cultural monuments, a city of great events and friendly people. The art and architecture of Kiev are considered world treasures. Many famous artists, poets and writers estimated the unique beauty of this city. A Majestic City with Green Parks and romantic boulevards Kiev is one of the most beautiful historical capitals of Eastern Europe.

Museum of Historical Treasures

The museum exhibits one of the richest collections of historical jewellery dating back hundreds of years. Among the museum's treasures is the whole burial of a Scythian queen with her child from Tolstaya Barrow. Other exhibits include ancient gold and silver dating back to the 14 th century. See historical religious books engraved with pearls and sapphires, view a collection of Judaic ritual silver from the 18 th Century.

The War Museum and Motherland Statue

See the exhibition of defence used during the war years. Old tanks and military aircraft on view the museum displays many interesting exhibits. The Motherland Statue standing 108 metres high and weighing 530 tonnes is a shiny silver colour. Inside are lifts which take you to the top for views over Kiev and the Dnipro river The statue has two arms outstretched one with a 12 tonne sword and the other holding a shield with a Russian symbol.


(UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE) see the magnificent mosaic architecture. Climb the steps to the Bell Tower for a panoramic view over Kiev and see the many Golden Domes on the horizon. The cathedral is one of Ukraine's national treasures.


UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also known as Kiev Monastery Caves since its construction in 1051 a monastery and cave were excavated for the monk's desired life of seclusion and prayer. It has been the centre of Eastern Orthodox Christianity in Eastern Europe. The site is 70 acres in size with 11 Churches and religious structures. Here you will see the golden domed temples and old frescos preserved on the cave walls. Underground vaults shelter 123 Saints resting in coffins for many centuries; today the relics are worshipped by thousands of Christians from around the world. During the last century many historical structures have been restored to there former glory. The great Bell Tower can be seen for miles around.

BABIY YAR is a memorial on the outskirts of Kiev city. In memory of the Jewish community who tragically lost there lives at the hands of the German soldiers during World War 2

THE GOLDEN GATE is a historic gateway in the ancient city walls of Kiev, during the 18 th century it was used as the main entrance gate to Kiev city. In 1982 the gate was completely reconstructed to its original look

SAINT ANDREW CHURCH  is on a hill overlooking a park and Dnipro river. In 752 this Beautiful church was constructed to ancient Russian architecture and design. It is currently one of the four Ukrainian architectural landmarks on the list of World Treasures by the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It truly is a remarkable church of design and beautiful architecture


The building was constructed in 1898 today it has medieval icons with important portraits of military and church leaders. During Ukrainian independence the museum achieved international recognition, for the first time its exhibitions traveled outside the country to North America, France and Denmark. Today the museum has over 20,000 pieces on display.


Central Square in Kiev decorated with 6 beautiful water fountains. One of the most notable statues is the huge column atop stands the Arch Angel Mikhail the patron saint of Kiev. The round shape Fountain of Friendship has 5000 different sprays, a spectacular sight to see. Flower baskets hang throughout the square.

Vladimir Cathedral

One of the major landmarks of Kiev. Completed in 1882 in honor of the grand prince of Kiev, Vladimir The beauty of the interior will take your breath away the mosaics were designed by masters from Venice. A group of famous painters designed the frescoes under the guidance of professor A. Prakhov from Italy. A painting of the Virgin Mary by Vasnetov is one of the world's masterpieces of fine art, make sure to light a candle.